Things To Do

Local information

We are still quite new to Norfolk ourselves so if you find any place to recommend please let us know. To get you started these are things we and our guests already enjoy...




I like to go Stompers (North Walsham) because there’s a really big slide and you can make obstacle courses using all the stuff.

I like Holt Country Park because they’ve often got really nice activities and if they haven’t it’s just nice to have a walk.

Sheringham Park is really nice when the flowers are there and it’s very exciting.  It’s got a big wooden and plastic shelter you can sit in if its raining and adults have got whining children and they can’t get back to the car park.  You can run around.  It hasn’t got play stuff but it’s so exciting to run round it and it makes it feel so fun.  There are good trees for climbing.

Playland (Wells-next-the -Sea) because it’s got very good ball pits that even babies could play in.  All the children aren’t rough and never punch people and don’t be mean.  They try and make friends with people.  I’d go there if it rained.

I like Bewilderwood because it has a proper long zip wire and it goes really high up.  I like the cafe and a really big slide and you go on sacks and you whizz down.  There’s a witch’s house and fairy’s house you can look in.

We want to go to the Dinosaur Park because someone I know said it is an amazing play park.

Salthouse is a good place to play hide and seek by the grass and spikey bushes.  The spikey bushes are nice.  I like them.  Cookie’s Crab Shop has delicious crab salad.  I didn’t like the lettuce but now I do.  I like looking through the little telescope at The Dun Cow.

Sheringham Little Theatre is good because you can either watch a play or a film.  I did a play there and they have brilliant drama workshops at half term.

Splash Leisure Centre.  If you wanted to go to the beach but it just started raining and you wanted to go for a swim you could just go there instead.

I love Blickling Hall gardens because they are beautiful.  They are good because you can run about and there are good climbing trees and they’ve got a cafe with nice packs of stuff.

West Runton is one of my favourite beaches because of the rock pools and pools where the water is warm.  I like the cafe where the lady shows you fossilised hyena poo.

I like riding on the Steam Train in Sheringham.  At Christmas we saw the actual real Father Christmas at the station.

I like eating crabs and samphire.  Samphire is slimey and salty and snappy and you get it on the beach where it’s growing in the sand.  I like toffee banana ice cream and mango sorbet from Ronaldos in Sheringham.

I like The Wiveton Bell but if you want to get the colouring book you have to be very good and not run around.


I like the Kings Head in Letheringsett because I like the castle and I like the sausage and mash there.

I like going to Sheringham beach.  I like building sand castles and making stories up and jumping over waves.

I like looking out of the window and looking for hares.  I like looking for frogs.

I like prawns (from Joyful Wests).  I like the taste.  I HATE Samphire because it tastes horrid.

I like to set up with my soliders at Salthouse.

I love this. I love making dens, I LOVE that.

I like going to Bewilderwood because I like the bridge where some of the steps are see-through.

I like the circular walk from our house because there’s tons of sticks to find and once we found elephant poo.

I like the beach because you can throw big stones in and they make a noisy splash.

I like to go to Playland because there’s a big slide there and tons of climbing things.


Going on the slide
Going on the beach
Finding shells and finding crabs
Doing digging with my bucket
Seeing ladybirds
Going for a walk and stamping in the muddy puddles
Seeing pigs at a fun fair
Picking blackberries
Vanilla ice cream
I eat balloons
Making grass soup

WHAT JOHNNY DOES (age 4 months)

Snuggling and squeaking
Impersonating Yoda
Playing with Tom, Libby and Daisy
Going for walks
Listening to birds singing
Being outside