Eco Credentials

We try to make our impact on the local environment beneficial.  Please let us know if you have any more ideas we could take on.

This is what we are doing at the moment…

  • Earth Born non-toxic clay paints to decorate the cottages
  • Reclaimed timber flooring from a Victorian school
  • We refurbish furniture from local auctions
  • Klargester system to naturally treat sewage waste
  • Ecover cleaning products, including for washing the linen
  • BPA, PVC, Phthalate free baby products
  • Induction hob with safety and energy saving features
  • Recycled cardboard chopping boards
  • All appliances rated A or A+
  • Preloved, but well looked after, toys, books and games
  • Locally made hand-soap free of parabens and other weird additives
  • Organic, local or Fairtrade food
  • Recycling bins
  • LED (1 watt) light bulbs