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    Well the valiant little snowdrops think it’s Spring at least.  We are muffled by a shifting sea mist and the lanes are muddy from ploughs turning over the earth ready for planting. Looking forward to Mothers’ Day, although it is bittersweet celebrating without my own mum.  When I was pregnant with Daisy my brother and I took Mum to lunch at Royal China by the Thames at Canary Wharf for Mothers’ Day.  It was March but such a warm day we sat in gorgeous sunshine outside drinking cocktails (yes – mine were non alcoholic but looked very glam) and eating dim sum.  Very different this year – snow is forecast and we are in rural Norfolk.  But we do have lots of fabulous winter pubs with jolly fires, exciting local food and a great welcome for hungry children and their parents.  Am hoping we might be going to one for lunch… 

    Anyway, Mothers’ Day is really about celebrating family and whatever the weather that’s what we’ll be doing – whether they’re with us in spirit or here wriggling about at the table.  Fergus and I will be raising a glass of something light and sparkly to both our mothers and toasting the golden years – now, then and to come.  Have just refilled the bird feeders and there are gold finches gleaming in the mist.  The promise of sunbeams somewhere above the clouds.  Cheers to that!

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