• Shine on…

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    At last the winter rain has moved on giving us a lush green summer.  The children are on holiday and gloriously grubby all day.  The red roses outside Salthouse and Bayfield are unbelievable show-offs, flouncing about wearing far too much scent.  Fergus is wrestling with the white rose which is trying to get into the kitchen.  He has a fascinating dappled suntan on his back from the holes in his shirt.  Roses put up quite a fight.

    We have planted lavender to replace the beautiful bushes killed by the freezing frosts the night it dropped to -16.  They are loving the sunshine and pretending to be in Provence.  As are we, drinking a bottle of rose from Gigondas where we got engaged and admiring the tin foil sculpture installation in Libby’s ladybird garden.  Ferg has cleared the earth bed outside the kitchen door and I am off to buy herbs to plant this afternoon.  I have no idea when all this planting and pruning is actually supposed to be done but the sun is shining so why not now?

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