• Garden parties
    Garden parties

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    On the warmest, sunniest day of the year so far our friends held their wedding reception in the garden. We met Jonathan when we lived in London and he was our neighbour next door.  Summer evenings often brought a hand waving over the fence saluting us with a bottle of wine or a box of Camembert and tub of olives. We first met when our bonfire filled his bedroom with smoke and a cross girlfriend sent him round to complain. Late night hammering on the back door, accessible only by someone who had vaulted the fence and nipped up the fire escape, turned out to be a tall bloke with the cheeriest smile I’ve ever seen on someone arriving to complain. No shirt, scrumpled jacket, apologetic grin, somewhat the worse or the better for the wine…we immediately became friends.  The cross girlfriend is not the one he married.  He married Rachel, the sort of girl who, soaked through on a camping trip, decides to ‘make friends with the rain’.

    We took down our fences in London and made one big garden. They are still down and the people who own our beloved old flat came to the wedding. Daisy made friends with the girl who now sleeps in her old room and it was fantastic to carry on sharing our garden with our favourite neighbours. Congratulations you two!  Tequila and cigars by the fire anytime… 

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