• Back to school

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    A muddy misty morning taking the children back to school.  I hate the end of the holidays, especially the Christmas ones.  At the end of summer holidays there is the crispy crunch of autumn leaves, conkers and the delightful whispering shivers of Hallowe’en in the offing.  And then all the sparkling glory of Christmas to come.  But once it’s done and the greenery is back out in the mud…how depressing.  So what’s to look forward to now?  Well, I do love haggis and a skirl of mashed tatties – and Burns Night isn’t too far away – and it was my Dad’s birthday so his memory is always well worth celebrating.  And the snowdrops we inherited from a Yorkshire garden will be appearing like pearls.  And birdsong – so loud and boisterous here in the country when they sense the spring is coming.  The garden does look like the Somme so we could send the children out to play football around the mole hills and do a recreation of famous moments in history.  And baby seals are rolling about the beaches near Waxham right now.  Some early birds are thinking about booking holidays in the cottages already.  We are never this organised but do like to know a few of our guests are on the ball!  


    And a wedding on the cards too – two of our very dearest friends celebrating their marriage here in the garden in June.  Now that really is something to look forward to!  Still, I hope the birds now picking through the Christmas finery will use a few strands of tinsel in their nests this year.  Don’t stop the sparkle! 

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