• At last!

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    It seemed impossible 2 weeks ago, but on Sunday we had lunch outside.  And not a scarf or shiver in sight.  My brother and his family came for the weekend and the little cousins made merry on the beach at Cromer.  From town up onto the cliff and a detour to the ‘secret park’ for a zip wire, swing and frisby throw, then across the heath and down the magic stairs to the sand and sudden freedom.  The walk began in wellies and jumpers but the warm air unwrapped us all and those hardy little souls were leaping into the sea in no time.  The sea looked glorious, all the winter roar and snarl soothed into mellow blueness.  Yes, there were goosebumps and a scramble back into dry things, but eyes shining with answering the first call of the wild this year.  


    On Sunday another walk, this time into Salthouse. Past dark spiky gorse, celebrating yellow flowers with a scent of beach bar cocktails and into the garden of  The Dun Cow.  Pint of cider, garlicky local lobster and skinny fries.  The wind was warm, the air smelled of holidays, it made sense to eat ice cream.  


    Back at home the bird feeders are crowded with chunky greenfinches, busy blue tits, perky robins and goldfinches like tiny Zulu warriors.  We counted 6 frogs in the pond this morning and the tadpoles wriggled free of their eggs at the weekend, like the children slipping out of their hats and gloves into a new season.  

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