About Us

We moved to Norfolk from London in 2009 to make things, grow stuff and raise free-range children.

We are the Norfolk branch of the Partridge Family. Fergus is a graphic designer/artist who prefers being busy outside with the children to sitting at a computer. I used to work in film PR and hang about in Soho avoiding rush hour on the Central Line.  We have four splendid children, Daisy, Tom, Libby and baby Johnny who have all recommended their favourite things to do in the ‘Children’ section.  And there are often cousins and friends on the scene coming for fresh air and mischief.  On summer days it feels like a jolly garden party with all welcome to join in.

We were on holiday here ourselves when we fell in love with North Norfolk’s starkly romantic coast and pretty countryside. Whilst having dinner at the Wiveton Bell we realised we were expecting Libby (deduced by Fergus when I didn’t fancy a glass of wine) and were about to out-grow our London flat.

Soon after she was born we moved to The Barn House and a different life.  If you like rural England and want a place to unwind and revive, we think this is the place to be. Within minutes you could be building sandcastles on an award-winning beach, snug by the fire of a foodie pub, checking out the vibrant arts scene, spotting wildlife on a windy salt marsh or daydreaming with a book and a glass of wine.  We hope our family-friendly north norfolk self-catering cottages will allow more people to get to know the restless beauty of North Norfolk.